The 7 Types of Parents at the Ball Field

As a child, I spent many a day playing sports both locally and at rec ball fields across the state.

Later, I would work as a scorekeeper at the rec department, and this gave me a unique vantage point to people-watch. 

Let’s just say that, as a child, the best part about sports was the game. 

I was a teenager when I noticed that the best part about ANY SPORT is undoubtedly the parents. 

Here are a few types of parents that are an essential part of any sports team.

1. The Ex-Athlete Turned Professional Trainer


This parent lives vicariously through his child. A bit past his prime, he now relives his glory days through his children’s sports. 

Sure, his child may only be six years old, but the kid is specializing in one sport and plays 24/7, winter and spring.

This parent looks forward to the day his child plays professionally.

Famous Quote: “Well, back when I used to play…”

2. The Coach Coacher


This parent is a coach at heart.

He or she will spend much of his time suggesting game plans to the coach and will often berate the.

Famous Quote: “Hey, Coach Smith, I know I’m not coaching, but if I was…”

3. The Team Mom


This is everyone’s favorite mom.

 She is the one who has a purse that is filled with necessities that will save the players from ultimate ruin.

 Need a snack? She has it.

Your kid is thirsty? She rolled in a cooler full of drinks.

Your child is bleeding? This is the woman with the band-aids.

And if your child dirties that uniform he wears, have no fear- the team mom know exactly how to get those grass stains out.

Famous Quote: “I have one in my bag!”

4. The Habitually Late Parent


This parent is literally my favorite to watch.

Whatever the reason may be, he will be running in, kids in tow, to make sure that he gets the little munchkin to the game on time.

One may not see this parent until the third inning, but the effort is there, and I, for one, appreciate it.

Famous Quote: “What did I miss?”

5. The Parent with the Wild Kids


This parent will jump up and down as if she is sitting on a bed of ants when, in reality, she is going to snatch up her children.

Her kids are usually the ones scaling the field fence, all hyped up on Coke and M&Ms, and you can tell this parent is about to lose it. Another of my favorites to watch.

Famous Quote: “You just wait til we get home, Mister!”

6. The Referee Heckler


This parent seems to forget that sports are supposed to be fun and, in the case of the rec ball field, the referees are often teenagers who are just trying to make some extra money.

This parent will make his displeasure with bad calls quite obvious as he makes jabs at the referee.

Famous quote: “WHAT WAS THAT, BLUE?! COME ON!”

7. The Professional Photographer


This is the parent who carries with her a large camera bag. However, her camera is not a small pocket camera.

 Oh no, this parent owns the Nikon with the stretch lens that exceeds ten feet.

Catch this parent on the edge of her seat, leaned close so as not to get the fence in the shot. 

This parent is the reason all kids will have embarrassing pictures of their youth to look back on one day.

Famous Quote: “Gloria, you have just got to see this picture I took of Little Kevin.”


Recreation department dues may be $50, but believe me when I say the opportunity it presents to people-watch is priceless.


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