The ABCs of Mourning Summer’s End

Summer, ladies and gentlemen, is officially done. After one week of school, this teacher is suffering that bone-deep exhaustion only educators truly know.

Now that we are closing out summer 2019, it seems only right to properly mourn the parts of summer we will most miss. Enjoy!

Avoiding students at Wal-Mart

Blessing the name of the creator of AC

Crossing the state line into Florida!

Digging into your garden and enjoying the fruits of your labor

Experimenting with different hobbies.

For me, this meant attempting new recipes and trying to learn the art of cooking.

Finding blackberry bushes on the side of the road

Going to the bathroom whenever you want because you aren’t in charge of students

Having summer feet- those calluses so thick on your soles that you could walk across hot lava if needed.

Itching to go to the beach and having the freedom to take off the next day

Jabbing your straw into a Capri-Sun

Sure, it’s “for your kids.” We understand perfectly.

Knocking out after a long day in or around the water.

The best sleeping situation ever occurs when you are:

  • Slightly sunburnt
  • In clean sheets
  • Freshly showered

Listening to cicadas in conjunction with the thump of your ceiling fan

Munching on an Icee Pop straight out of the freezer.

You know the ones- neon colors, plastic sleeve, packaged together in a red net OR cardboard box.

Best flavors:

  • Peach (golden yellow)
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

Only eating veggies and fruits all summer and being completely cool with that.

Tomatoes and peaches and squash, oh my!

Predicting those summer showers based on the clouds, the temperature, and the way the breeze blows just right.

Questioning just how much seersucker is too much seersucker.

Darn Southern Baptists.

Reading all the trashy tabloids and beach novels your mind can handle.

Smelling the glorious mix of sunscreen, chlorine, and gasoline.

A seemingly strange mix, but hear me out.

When you head to the freezer that holds the popsicles, it is invariably the “outside” freezer.

The gas can, lawnmower, and/or weed eater are all held in the same area.

As a result, these smells blend to create a lovely aroma that positively smacks of summertime.

Trading in a shower for just hopping in the pool.

Chlorine means clean, right??

Utilizing every body of water at your disposal

Visiting with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while

Wheeling and dealing at those summer season sales

Belk’s Independence Day Sale, anyone?

eXamining your schedule and seeing little to no summer weddings in your immediate future

You people and your summer weddings. I want to love you well, but being forced to attend your wedding during the inferno that is summertime makes that difficult.

Yelling (mentally) “WE ARE ON A BREAK!!” when anyone mentions going back to school.

Zeroing in on yourself and the things you love most for a little while


Summer gives us the chance to reprioritize those areas of our lives that often take a backseat in busier seasons.

You were a good one, summer 2019, but all good things must come to a screeching halt.

Summertime: we may hate to see it go, but we LOVE to watch it leave. After all, the summertime is a season whose negatives (arguably) outweigh the positives.

Wondering what those summertime worsts are? Keep your eyes peeled for the sister of this post, “The 123s of Summer: A Ranking of the Worst Parts of Summertime,” coming out later this week.


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