Back to Business

We are officially on the “final days of summer” countdown, and with the beginning of school looming over us, I am THRILLED to be back on my blogging kick. This post is simply a “What’s New” in my life. Expect regular posts to resume tomorrow.

Why I Stopped Writing

How narcissistic of me to think that you have been biting your fingernails in anticipation of my next post, BUT just in case that is exactly how you spent your summer, allow me to quickly and efficiently go through why I stopped writing.

It’s a super complicated reason, so you’d better be sitting down for this one.

  • I got tired of writing.
  • I didn’t feel like thinking.
  • Sitting in front of my computer was comparable to waterboarding.

On the edge of a bit of  burnout, my blog had to take the backseat for a while.

That being said, however, I also took a break so I could work on some new ideas and content. Prepare yourself because I’m about to put the WILD in Wilderness.

Since your primary question of “where you been??” has been answered, I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to find out what I’ve been doing this summer. A quick recap…

Noteworthy Places I Traveled

  • Amelia Island
  • Hilton Head (an upcoming weekend trip!)
  • Rigby’s Waterpark (an enlightening experience if there ever was one)
  • Yonah Mountain Vineyard

Things I Did

  • Ran a 12K
  • Grew oodles of tomatoes
  • Made BAKOODLES of preserves and tomato relish
  • Spent some QT with the family
  • Began a Bible study over Revelation (what a simple, easy to understand book!)
  • Swam in numerous bodies of water, i.e. the lake, ocean, and pool
  • Ate phenomenal seafood
  • Tried some new restaurants
  • Started my first year of assistant coaching softball
  • Got my wisdom teeth out
  • Detoxed from social media
  • Read 16 books!! (Proudest point right here)

It was a seemingly mundane summer, yet I have a confession:

It’s the best one I’ve ever had.

School has been my life for pretty much my entire life, but I got a TOTAL break from that for the past two months.

This summer affirmed my belief that the best part of a Masters degree isn’t the pay raise: it’s being done with the dang thing.

Relaxed and ready to go, I’m excited to be back writing, one of the first things I ever really, truly loved.

Bearing this in mind, let me frontload by saying thank you (in advance) for reading. There is NO more gratifying experience than knowing someone enjoys your passion and the fruits of your labor.

I’m looking forward to writing more this year, and I’m hoping you’ll be there to witness the high and lows, the successes and the (far more prevalent) failures, and what the world looks like from where I sit.

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