19 Truths About Summer Down South

We Southerners have almost survived our first taste of summertime. The heat is just starting to get unbearable as we begin the scorcher of a month known as “June.” Here are a few things you know to be true if you like your summer how you like your chicken: Southern style.

1. Summer months can span from mid-March to September.


What is this “spring” everyone is talking about?

2. It’s so hot that the North is blessing the South’s heart for once.


“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is loosely based on the summer heat in the South.

3. Every conversation you have revolves around rain- or the lack thereof.

4. Nothing says summertime quite like Georgia peaches.Summer3

They’ll be ready all across the state, which means- you guessed it- homemade peach ice cream.

5. Vacation Bible School begins in full swing.


6. Crossing your legs outside is miserable to near impossible in the summer.

7. Swimming doesn’t always happen in a regular pool.


We can head to a lake, float down a river once or twice, or even make our own pools. The possibilities (and creativity!) are endless when you are trying to escape the heat.

8. Seersucker is the new black in the summertime.

My favorite thing about summertime is seeing families dressed in matching seersucker. If you haven’t ever seen that, don’t laugh- it’s a real thing.

9. Hot concrete is unbearable until you get your “summer feet.”


“Summer feet”- when blisters callus your feet to the point that you could walk across fire without breaking a sweat.

10. Picking and shelling peas is a daily pastime for those of us with gardens.

And speaking of gardens, praise the sweet Lord for all of the fresh veggies that are ready this time of year.

11. The taste of water from the water hose is one that we Southerners know full well.


12. Even though we are likely to be in drought, afternoon thunderstorms pop up often.

And we are thankful for every drop of rain we can get.

13. Getting into your car after work will give you third degree burns.

14. The bugs rule the South in the summertime.


Mosquitoes and gnats will “eat you alive.

15. Every day on Facebook, you see a new picture of a snake someone has killed.

After all, the South has two main fears: snakes and snowflakes.

16. We are right around the corner from football season.



17. Tomato sandwiches are a staple.

18. It’s wedding season.

If I ever express the desire to get married in the dead of summer, someone please slap some sense into me.

19. Lightning bugs are everywhere.


Want to see a Southerner in utter confusion? Simply utter the name “firefly.”

If you’ve ever wondered why Southerners move so slowly, it’s because it’s simply too hot to move any faster.

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