30 Lessons You Learn When Raised by a Southern Momma

If there is one thing I’ve learned thus far, it’s that I need my mama; she is the epitome of an amazing mother and role model. However, I didn’t just luck up with an amazing mama.

God blessed me with an amazing Southern mama.

Southern mamas just have a different way of going about their business, and if you were raised by one, count yourself lucky.

If you’re anything like me, your mama taught you quite a few lessons along the way.

1. Personal thank you notes should be written for any gift.

Let me ‘fess up- I fail (big time) in this area.

2. Beware the moment your mama reaches to adjust the rearview mirror when you’re acting up in the backseat.

3. Mommas have amazing accuracy when swatting children from the driver’s seat.

4. If your mama says, “You just wait til we get home,” you definitely should be in no rush to get home.

5. One look is powerful enough to silence you, should you attempt to talk during church service.

6. The Bible is the most important book in the house; the family cookbook is the second most important.

7. Decorating for any holiday is serious business, and you better not break any of the tree ornaments that have been in the family for twenty years.

8. If guests are coming, the house needs a deep, deep clean. Baseboards included.

9. One’s pocketbook should hold enough supplies to survive for two weeks at all times.

10. Casseroles, peas, and butterbeans are appropriate for every occasion, no matter happy or sad.

Just be sure to write your name on that casserole dish in permanent marker.

11. Good china can and should only be used on special occasions.

12. Southern mamas are always fixin’ something.: fixin’ to cook, fixin’ to go to the grocery store, or even fixin’ to pop you a good one.

13. If you didn’t dry up your tears as a child, your mama would “give you something to cry about.”

14. Sweet tea isn’t sweet enough unless you can taste the diabetes in it.

15. If he isn’t the kind of man your Daddy is, he isn’t good enough.

16. Pulling weeds and working outside are cheap forms of therapy. 

17. You can’t go to someone’s house without bringing an appropriate housewarming gift.

18. If you cook at all, best to cook enough for a small army.

19. Good manners and pearls never go out of style.

20. Everyone, men and women included, should know how to set a table.

21. No matter what, you never give up on those you love.

22. You can’t tell a story with just your mouth; you have to talk with your hands too.

23. You need to at least try learn to play the piano (I failed my mama with this one).

24. In every situation, your mama knows exactly what to do, and if mama can’t fix it, can’t nobody fix it.

25. Your mama is always in your corner, no matter how big your opponent may be.

26. Turning into your mama is bound to happen, and it is definitely a good thing.

27. A good glass casserole dish is a treasure, and its life can span many decades.

28. Wear a slip under your dresses, even if you think you don’t need one. 

29. Your house is not properly decorate until you put the themed top on the candy dish. 

30. Above all else, NEVER forget to put a little sugar in your peas while cooking them. 

Don’t you dare forget that bacon, either!

Mama, I love you a bushel and a peck, and I am so thankful for you and all that you have done for our family. You have sacrificed a lot for us, and I am truly grateful. And, I will admit something that I may not have ever told you before:

You were always right.

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