‘Tis the Week Before Easter

‘Tis the week before Easter and all through the South

Every Southerner is itchin’ for hot weather to come out

Southern Moms dash to Belks, burdened with care

Hoping sales on seersucker will still be there.


The day is nie for kids to break out their Keds

While massive pink bows flop on their heads

Mommas wear florals and Daddies wear Chaps

And children opt for egg hunting instead of their naps


The chance to finally wear white will be the source of much chatter,

Though flashing pasty white skin is a WHOLE ‘nother matter

In another location, these patterns would clash

Yet, here in the South, I guess all pastels match??


For girls, it’s white dresses and frilly white socks

For boys, it’s white Oxfords to go with their smocks

The mall Easter bunny will fill your children with fear

Looks like you’ll have a funny Christmas card this year!


When will these children learn this bunny’s a trick?

Oh well, you sigh, at least you got your Christmas card pic

On the way home, you dream of a Sunday with no rain

While simultaneously wond’ring how you’ll stay sane.


Oh deviled eggs! Sweet tea!

Can’t forget the fried chicken!

Where’s that festive basket

Big enough for it all to fit in?!

In the closet? In storage?

In the pantry by the wall?

“NO, I don’t remember where I put it!



Now, just to get the decorated cookies, you think with a sigh.

Though they wouldn’t be missed beside the chocolate delight and pie!

You can’t stop now- there’s still things to do.

You’ve still got to get Easter basket goodies, too!


You should have been doing this before now, it’s true.

But, spring break flies by when there’s so much to do!

Off to Piggly Wiggly, on a mission you bound

Yet, to your chagrin, there’s no Easter grass to be found.


You shake this off, grabbing goodies til your buggy overflows

Throw in some chocolate and gift cards and away you go.

Tires squealing, headed home, trying to get back.

Yet as you walk in, you realize something you lack.


A tear in your eye, you forgot the strawberries

And just pretzel salad is really quite scary.

Back to the store, you load up to go,

Finally an hour later, you’re back, berries in tow.


“Why’s it always like this?!” you think through gritted teeth,

And nobody offers to help, despite the stress you’re underneath.

Still, you work like a dog, til you’re all hot and smelly.

Filling the Easter eggs- in goes change, candy, and beans made of jelly.


Finally, all done, you think to yourself,

Just remember to get the monogrammed baskets off the shelf!


First church, then over to Grandma’s you head.

“But first, EASTER PICTURES!” The part you most dread.


Such a joyous picture shouldn’t be so much work,

But now your kids are crying because you threatened to jerk

A knot in their heads if they don’t blow their nose.

“See! It wasn’t that bad! Now go change out of those clothes!”


Grandma gives a holler- “It’s time to eat!”

You load up your plate- mac n’ cheese, ham, a bite of something sweet.

The family’s together and what a lovely sight,

As you think to yourself, “It’ll be easier next year…right?!”


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