My Life is a Wreck

Ever had one of those days that makes you wonder if someone has a voodoo doll with your name on it and is really taking the thing to task?

That’s how it’s been for me the past two weeks.

A depiction of this shambolic display might look a little something like…

Or maybe even…

I’m serious. I don’t know what has happened to me, but my life has been in “hot mess” mode lately.

I will say this, at least: I haven’t had a total meltdown yet and, for that, I’m thankful.

In fact, I have been trying to see the bright side of this “season” I seem to be in right now.

I’m, by nature, a pretty positive person, and I think that every situation can be seen from a “glass half-full” perspective.

Allow me to illustrate the past two weeks for you and prove to you that, even in the middle of a trainwreck-kind-of-week, things still have a bright side (sorta…maybe…I hope?).

Negative Event

Positive Take

Had a tire blow out whilst driving – had to get a whole new set.
  • Happened in Cochran
    • Not out of town
  • Happened during the day
    • Not at night
Drove off with the gas pump still in my gas tank.
  • Pump did not blow up.
  • Gas did not shoot everywhere.
Spilled coffee on my jeans
  • Smelled like coffee for the rest of the day.
Forgot a planning period meeting and was late to it
  • Got in some cardio while sprinting down the hall to the meeting.
Typed my edTPA in the wrong font size- couldn’t turn it in.
  • Figured this out BEFORE turning it in
  • Got to relive the joys of edTPA as I redid it.
My headphones broke.
  • Needed an off day from the gym anyway.
Cut my hand on the blender- twice
  • Told my kids I got shanked and had to defend myself.
  • Last time they ever try me.
Spilled fruit juice on my clothes EVERY DAY this week.
  • Told my kids the dark red stains were from my enemy’s spilt blood.
  • Adding even more to my street cred.
Spilled fruit punch on my laptop and my kids’ edTPA permission slips.
  • Laptop didn’t break
  • Nobody can read my kids’ handwriting anyway
Lost some copies I made at work.
  • Because the copies weren’t on the desk, they were safe from the aforementioned fruit punch

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Such is life. Welcome to adulthood, buttercup.”

You might also be thinking, “Wait, she is 24 and still drinks fruit punch?”

Both are correct responses, particularly the first.

Of course, I’ve had worse weeks, for sure- weeks where tragedy strikes, sickness invades, or worry seems out to get me.

I think we’ve all had much more overwhelming periods of time, be they long or short.

But, that being said, I want to be honest in this moment because I feel like we all live with the subconscious (or very conscious!) belief that others’ lives are perfect.

Everything looks peachy when covered by the veneer of social media.

The reality is that, sometimes, “junk” (pardon my implied French- my grandmother reads this blog) just hits the fan sometimes. The real question is: how do we respond to the mess?

Will you flip about your junk hitting the fan, or will you be thankful you have a fan for it to hit?

I’ve been able to find a silver lining these past couple of weeks. There have been a lot of let downs, inconveniences, and frustrations, but I’m clinging to the belief that there is a positive to every situation.

I’m thankful because, this week, I’ve been able to laugh at myself a pretty good bit, even while asking, “What could possibly happen next?!”

I have been frustrated and annoyed, but, overall, I have just kind of felt God patting my shoulder and saying, “Well, you tried.”

So, folks, the consensus on the week is that my life is a bit of a wreck right now.

Like, a blazing wreck of destruction- fireballs shooting out, smoke rising- you name it.

But, be that as it may, if you need me, you can find me making s’mores over that very blaze.

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