18 Confessions Of A Former Tomboy

There are three B’s that I lived by as a child- bowl cuts, boy clothes, and ballfield bruises. What can I say? I was once a big time tomboy. That all changed when I hit high school; I lost the bowl cut and learned how to apply my makeup in a not-so-horrible way. The pictures and memories, however, will forever live on. So, if you’re anything like me, you know these things to be true about your time as a tomboy.

1. All you wanted to do was play with the boys.


These boys had a bit of an issue with that until they realized you could go harder than them. And they never took it easy on you.

2. Legos and footballs were more appealing than barbies and baby dolls.

When I was younger, I threw a football to a boy so hard it broke two of his fingers. How’s that for girl power?

3. Hunting and fishing were two of your favorite pastimes.

And it you were anything like me, camo was your favorite color and could be worn at any time.

4. Nothing was more horrifying than pink. And flowers.

Don’t even get me started on bows. That was an all new form of torture.

5. For this reason, Easter was a pretty tough holiday for you.

Pink, flowers, and bows all at the same time? Cue the tears and fits that were bound to be pitched.

8. You had a horrible haircut at some point.

With a haircut like this, it was no wonder that I got mistaken for a boy a time or two. What’s even better is the fact that I gave myself said haircut.

7. You were always covered in dirt, scrapes, cuts and bruises.

My mama avidly avoided any type of white clothing knowing that it would inevitably be ruined.

8. When you were younger, you could not, for the life of you, fathom why girls wanted to wear makeup.

The good news is that it makes a lot more sense now.

9. Your mama wished you’d be just a little more ladylike.

My tomboy stage probably aged her 10 years. Cross your legs, napkin in your lap, sit up straight… My poor mama is a saint for all of her patience.

10. But your Daddy was always just fine with how you were.

Judging by the pride in that smile, Daddy knew that, with my haircut, dating would be put off for quite some time.

11. You are still pretty competitive.

No matter what sport I play, that little tomboy I used to be is in me, telling me I better get my act together because losing is never an option.

12. You get along well with the opposite sex because, hey, you used to be one of the guys.

It’s a comfort that comes in very handy now that I’m in college.

13. Your transformation was both drastic and unexpected.

“Emmie, you really grew up!” loosely translates to, “Emmie, you really are a girl after all!”

14. Sports are still every bit as appealing to you as they once were.

Tennis, softball, dodgeball… You name it. I love them all. And football? My ability to throw a beautiful spiral is still my father’s pride and joy.

15. You can still get down and dirty with the best of them.

T-shirts and shorts will always be near and dear to my heart.

16. But you appreciate getting decked out and dressed up.

For this reason, you don’t dread the formal attire required for Easter Sundays.

17. Pink isn’t nearly as appalling as it once was.

It sure doesn’t cause the waterworks like it once did.

18. You have still retained that confidence that you learned as a little tomboy.

You definitely learn confidence when you grow up as tomboy. It comes from being able to succeed on turf that others don’t necessarily consider your own.

It may not have been pretty, but I’m pretty proud to be a former tomboy.

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